I will forever cherish these beautiful, real, and raw photos captured by my sister inlaw! They tell our birth story absolutely perfectly. — Labor was honestly everything I expected it to be and some..I am VERY sensitive to pain so I was prepared for the worst and to be the biggest baby of all time. Ask my family and friends I warned them all! haha. It was a very LONG couple of days so I’m going to shorten it just a tad to not make this a super long post.

It all started at 8am on Friday June 21st I woke up to the sharpest pain as I got off the bed I fell to the ground and couldn’t get up from the intense pain that I was in. I screamed for Jay who was in the living room with Loki. By the time Jay got in the pain had faded. We didn’t know if that had been a contraction since I had never felt one before so we decided Jay would still go to work and I would contact him if anything. I didn’t think it was time but boy was I wrong. Those sharp intense pains started rolling on in every hour and then every 30 min. and when I say pain I mean PAIN! I tried to nap and couldn’t I was going in and out the bathtub nothing was working. I was really hoping it wouldn’t have been time just yet since both our families were arriving in for the birth, Jays mom was arriving that night and my mom Saturday morning. It was very important to me that my mom was there. So I was hoping maybe they were braxton hicks and the would go away soon. Nope. They only got more painful and this girl doesn’t do pain! I finally caved and decided to call my doctor and have me checked out. I called Jay to come home and to he hospital we went. We went in, I was checked and we found out I was only 1cm dilated. That wasn’t enough to admit me so they sent me home in pain telling me it could be hours, days even before I was dilated more and that it was better if I just went home until contractions got closer or my water broke. Annoyed and upset that I was being sent home with this extreme pain we left. The car ride home was super uncomfortable with contractions every 30min I got home and then the actual water works began. As the night progressed so did my contractions they went from every 30 to every 10 to then 5 and man were they painful! I was screaming in pain on the floor crying asking Jay for help going in and out the hot shower with Jay (poor guy he was doing his best to help me in every way possible) I was so emotional I couldn’t handle the pain but didn’t know wether to go back to the hospital or not scared I was going to be turned away again. Around 11pm the pains were so unbearable I was calling my mom crying to her on FT (of course even when your 22 you still need the comfort of your mom sometimes) she convinced me to go back to the hospital, get checked out and not to worry about if she made it or not. She will be here in the morning and boy am I glad she did. I would not have made it any longer at home. We grabbed our bags put the in the car and off we went. I sat in the waiting room with Jay crying and nervous that they would tell me it still wasn’t time and I had to stay in this pain. By this time my mother in law, sister in law, and brother in law made it. I was checked and told I was 3cm dilated now and they admitted me with the option of a epidural asap! THANK GOD! I said yes so fast to that epidural with tears running down my face. Your girl needed that like yesterday! and wow was that magical! The pain went away instantly, I could breath, I could feel happy and excited now. BABY WAS COMING!! Everything was great! … So I thought. I was able to get some rest for a few hours my mom made it to the hospital things were going smooth until suddenly I started to feel every contraction on my left side again. To not make this a super super long post lets just say this went on for hours, I got another dose of epidural, they broke my water and nothing. I felt every contraction up until she was out. Around 4pm it was time to push. GREAT! I thought I’ll push a couple times and all this misery will be over! (don’t you wish things always turned out the way you think they will) Emrie had other plans for me.. This girl decided she wanted to be stuck right at the very tip of being out! I pushed for about 2 hours. I was swollen, in pain, exhausted to the point I was falling asleep in-between every push. Crying of exhaustion and pain saying I just couldn’t do it anymore. They finally decided I couldn’t go on like this and with assistance Emrie was forcefully taken out. The girl was right there guys! All everyone kept saying was I can see her hair! She has so much hair!!! and even being that close to being out she wanted no part in it. (can you say stubborn much) My doctor had to vacuum her out (which involves and instrument that kind resembles a plunger) and pulled her out. Then came “the ring of fire”. Thats when I felt the pressure of her crowning. LOTS AND LOTS of pressure. I give all the women out there that have done this naturally a round of applause because even though my epidural didn’t do its complete job I couldn’t imagine the pain without at least the little bit of relief it gave me. Emrie was born at 6:41pm Saturday, June 22, at this point my eyes were so swollen from pushing for so long my body was so exhausted I could barely keep them open. But when I heard her cry and they placed her on my chest I felt so much relief, so much love, so so soo many emotions. I knew that she was okay and that everything was okay. 
My labor was definitely not a easy one. Two days of painful active labor and two hours of pushing this was the most difficult night of my life! But for her I would do it a million times over. She is so beautiful, so perfect, and so incredibly loved. She is everything and bringing life into this world will forever be my greatest accomplishment!

The Recovery
The physical recovery was not that bad at all. I did have a 3rd degree tear but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. Shoot after labor there is absolutely NOTHING I cant handle now. I was walking by my self and getting around painless a couple hours after birth. The recovery was really not bad at all for me. Thank God. 

Thank you to everyone for all the love since we have welcomed our baby girl. We feel so incredibly blessed. And Emrie Juliette, you have stolen our hearts. ​

xx, Emries mommy


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