Lets talk about play gyms, now I know. There are soooo many when I was pregnant I did tons and tons of research of all different products and toys I wanted to try with my baby. One of them being the Lovevery Play Gym. First off let me start by saying one of the main things I love about this brand is the care and research they put into their toy development, the multiple ways that their toys can be played with at different ages and stages your baby is in. With each toy they even send you a learning guide booklet and learning play cards! (body parts and black and white high contrast cards) I knew I needed this play gym. I’m all for learning while playing. I want Emrie to enjoy her self but also develop her mind in the process. I did not want her laying there looking at flashing lights and sounds that most play gyms have. I didn’t see how that would help her grow, develop and learn. When Emrie began to show an interest in playing we quickly purchased our Lovevery play gym. Yes, I will say its pricey (about $145) but honestly well worth it! I already love how this occupies her at two months old, makes her laugh, and how she is so observant by the swinging objects and contrast cards. We sit together every morning for our tummy time and we go over all the cards and she loves it! Emrie is a very observant and chatty happy baby and honestly I have to say its because of the time we spend together talking to her and teaching her during our play times. The play gym has five different learning stations (learn to focus, hiding and finding, exploring color, how things feel, and making sound) including the organic high contrast ball, batting ring bell, and organic cotton teether that all hang over top. Right now her favorite thing to do is try to hit the bell. Watching her little mind get to work and figuring out how she can raise her arms or legs to hit that bell at just two months old is just amazing! Oh! And the feeling when she finally accomplishes her goal! Just wow! I can’t wait to watch her grow and engage with the other parts of the mat! Lets not forget the craftsmanship and design it is so simple and pretty to look at. (did I mention machine washable also!!) Definitely not an eye sore in your home for those who like things aesthetically pleasing. I would recommend this play gym to every mommy for their babies! It is definitely worth it!

xx, Idashly


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