I cant believe it has been 2 years that I started this wonderful space!

and yes, I know… I’m truly sorry I had abandoned it for a bit since starting the spring semester of school. Being a student and a mom while also trying to juggle blogging was not easy. But because of that it motivated me even more to really come back stronger with a whole upgrade! 🙂

Most of you know me already but if you don’t, Hi! I’m Idashly and welcome to my blog. I’m so excited to have you here!

Since we are getting to know one another I figure why not share three random fun facts about my self that aren’t already in my “about me” (if you haven’t, check out my about me. Head over there to get to know me and what this blog will intel.)

  • I am a capricorn.
  • Im very petite, 4″10 to be exact.
  • I have a rambunctious little yorkiepoo named Loki! (yes, like the marvel character haha! :D)

Now that you know a little more about me welcome to the fam! Do we have anything in common? Let me know in the comments down below. I love getting to know and chatting with my peeps.

When I started this blog 2 years ago I had so many ideas for improving the look and feel of this blog. However, I was just starting out and decided to focus more on writing and connecting with you all first. My goal has always been to write great content you guys will all enjoy but to also connect with you all and really form relationships and trust in this space. Which I have and am so grateful for.

I have met sooo many wonderful friends through here and hope to continue to make more. I truly consider you ALL my friends, my peeps. You guys get me and I get you and I love that!

Things have surely changed a bit since I started. I am now a wife, Jay and I got married February 7th and Emrie is almost a year old! She is doing it all and even took her first two steps about a week ago. (insert crying emoji) Loki is almost 2 years old and super big! Still as crazy as ever. Him and Emrie have the sweetest friendship. Oh, and i’m blonde! 😀 haha!

Other than all that, I am still a stay at home mom and full time student. With hopes to keep connecting with new people and growing in this blogging/influencer world.

My blog will still consist of all things my lifestyle, my motherhood tips+tricks, recipes, with the addition of a little bit of fashion and my favorite finds since I am now on the LIKE.to.KNOW.it app. (go ahead and give your girl a follow!)

I’m super excited to start writing again and hope you guys enjoy this new look to our space! Stay tuned for the next post.

xx, Idashly


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