Even though we celebrated Mother’s Day together with my bump last year, this year marked my very first Mother’s Day with my very first baby out of my tummy!! It’s so weird to get my own Mother’s Day cards and texts, because in my head I’m like “wait, am I really a mother now?!” crazy! Every day is full of new appreciations and joys being able to stay home with my baby and watch her grow, so really for me, every day is “mother’s day!” But, I’ll take a hallmark holiday for it too haha. 😉 I can’t even sum up how wonderful my motherhood experience has been.

For me, motherhood has been so natural and I could have never imagined how much love my heart could hold for such a tiny little human. She’s such a light, and has the best sense of humor and silliest personality, and is the biggest blessing in our lives. It really is true what they say, that it goes by so fast…I swear, I can remember being pregnant like, yesterday!

Everyday I fall more and more in love with being a mama. Our baby girl is pure magic. Beyond my wildest dreams she has completely filled my life with joy and enchanted me with her overwhelming presence. It’s been so very special seeing the world through her eyes everyday.

Since mothers day was yesterday I wanted to share with you guys 6 things I have learned along the way, being a new mama… and don’t get me wrong I am still learning new things everyday.

1.) You will change.

We all know we physically change and whether we get back to our “old” pre-pregnancy body isn’t the point. But we also change emotionally. We suddenly care A LOT about someone else. Their feelings whether they understand them or not matter the most to you. You’re a better version of yourself and your children will help you grow, learn, and mature more than any other person will. Embrace it.

2.) You will always figure out a way.

The days can be long and tough and you may just feel like the smallest tasks are impossible. However, you will always make it work and figure out a way to manage. These learning moments even help you to become a better mom. The struggles are just lessons that make you stronger as a mom.

3.) Be present.

In today’s society we are all too consumed with technology. I am so guilty of constantly having my phone out for the next best photo opportunity. We’re always looking for the next exciting thing to happen, instead of really being present in the moment that’s in front of us. If our face is hiding behind a camera and our mind is waiting for our babies to start walking or talking, we’re letting these moments slip away.

4.) STOP comparing your life to others

With social media taking over our lives and having access to it 24/7, we are driven to always comparing. Our lives don’t ever seem as great as that one friend’s or Instagram blogger’s. Their houses always seem cleaner, kids are always happier, and their lives seem so much easier. However, their day-to-day probably looks a lot like yours. Just remember those photos are highlights of their life and you’re only seeing a small snippet of reality.

5.) There is no love like the love for your child

When those big eyes look up at you and their tiny little fingers wrap around your hand as you hold them all curled up in your arms, you know you would do absolutely anything for that child. You can’t even remember a day without them because life seems to have started when they were born. The feelings you have for your baby is one of the most purest loves you will ever experience.

6.) The most important one… You are a strong women

Thinking about everything that my brain and body has been through in the past year just blows my mind. I’ve learned both the physical and emotional strengths I never knew I had. I have grown a human, nourished her, kept her safe, fed her, cleaned her, entertained her, and loved her. All while taking care of myself, my home, my husband, and my marriage. I’ve wiped tears, juggled plans, ran to doctor’s appointments, and pulled all nighters. I’ve had moments of emotions, exhaustion, and then complete triumph, all with only the help of my husband.

We were made for this, and not until motherhood do we realize how strong we really are. I hope all you beautiful mamas had a wonderful day yesterday because we all deserved it.

xx, Idashly


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