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Self-love enthusiast, 23 year-old, Idashly Martinez is a proud Puerto Rican young women and a lover of life. Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Stamford, CT she moved 9 hours away from the fast pace city life to the good old relaxing country life in Greensboro, NC.  Her message is to empower girls and women to be better through positive thinking, self-love, and conscious change. While also being as transparent as possible and showing the real things of everyday life. She will be sharing bits of her journey through life with you.. With a lot of laughing, junk talking, mix of fashion, food, and motherhood!, along the way.

In addition to talking about her deep inner dislike of negativity, cooking, and clothes, Idashly is a proud wife to a wonderful man, a mama to a beautiful little girl, is still working on getting her bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. 

When she’s not trying to change the world through a positive Instagram post, you’ll find Idashly either adventuring with her wonderful family, cuddling on the couch watching movies (or her current hulu or netflix show) with her baby, cooking, FaceTiming her friends and family back home or if she really wants to opt for the salad instead of going for the pizza. 

Also, Idashly believes it’s quite weird to write about herself in third person so she is going to stop now.

Sorry about that, guys lol… Catch you later! 😉

-xx, Idashly Martinez

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